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Salt Therapy :: Breath & Heal


Join us for a nourishing pranayama practice in a Salt Cave!

This class will notify your lungs, engage your imagination, and provide you with clarity and focus to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and prepare for the winter ahead. Learn tricks and techniques to shift your practice for the season to live joyously, align with nature, and stay attuned to your personal desires.

Prepare your body and your spirit as the seasons transition. The summer heat and yang energy are moving towards the inward, cool, yin energy of winter. The days are getting shorter and energetically we move inward to help organize, set limits, and protect boundaries. 

INHALE Receive negatively charged ions from salt
EXHALE Let go, make room for new experiences to learn and grow


Class lead by Melissa French at the Montauk Salt Cave.



With love and gratitude,


Vanessa & Bia

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