We believe the world needs more joy.

That joy should be contagious.

And that the practices that increase the world’s joy can and should be shared.

Joy should be available to all.

And by sharing it, we experience more joy ourselves.

We believe joy amplifies energy and creativity.

We believe joy makes you happier, healthier, wiser and more balanced.

We believe joy is spiritual intelligence.

We believe joy is a lifelong journey elevated by mindfulness.

We believe that joy grows when it is shared.

So we will offer tools, spiritual gatherings, classes, salons, workshops and events that

will nourish your own journey and connect you with like-minded seekers.

We believe in the universal power of yoga, meditation and spirituality to discover your

own personal path to joyousness and self-worth.

We believe that the power of a community born of joy will be a powerful force for good

in a world so lacking in joy.